Eco-friendly Laundry Aid Odors Dirt Away


Don't make unsafe trips shopping for heavy boxes of detergent – LAUNDRY MASHER IS DELIVERED TO YOUR HOME!

Get Ultra-Clean Clothes Without Spending Money on Laundry Detergent!
Laundry Masher Gives You Clean Clothes and Kills Bad Smells
My husband and my three kids have the most disgusting dirty clothes on earth (At least I feel that way!).
If you have kids, I’m sure you’re familiar with really horrible laundry. They spend all day playing, and when they get back, their clothes really REEK!
And we all love our dog, Maisy, but she's at that age where her self-grooming isn't what it used to be. Of course, we all still love to make a fuss of her. But that musky pet odor can be pretty nasty, especially when it gets on your hands and clothing.
Needless to say, it's a nightmare trying to keep everyone's clothes fresh and clean around here.
But my hubby’s clothes can be even worse. I admit I like a healthy man-smell sometimes. But my hubby’s clothes can get really terrible.
He works in factory that makes electric cars. Now I know you’d think that a job like that would be all super-high-tech and clean, but that’s not the case. FAR FROM IT!
There’s a Way to Stay Cool AND Save a Ton of Money!
In his role, he works a lot of physically demanding hours. That means plenty of sweaty duds for me to launder.
And here's the other thing, some of the other guys at work like to smoke. So on many nights he'll come home with that second-hand cigarette smell on him. I can't tell him not to hang out with his friends, but I personally can't stand the odor he brings home!
You know, even after you wash his undershirts two or three times, you can still smell the BO that’s practically baked in.
Finding a Good Detergent Can Be Tough!
I'm not sure if other large households go through the same thing, but I've found it very difficult trying to find a detergent the entire family can agree on.
My husband hates anything that leaves his clothes smelling too "perfumy." Whereas I tend to prefer some of the scented products I've tried.
I've always used liquid detergents, but my husband still buys the powder whenever he helps out with the shopping.
And because my daughter suffers from skin sensitivities, we've stayed away from those detergent pods. We tried them once, but they ended up leaving a residue that made my daughter itchy.
How to Get Super-Clean, Fresh-Smelling Laundry Every Time!
I know it seems weird but once I was in the supermarket, and I was talking to the wife of one of the chief engineers at my husband’s factory.
She saw I had a heavy bag of laundry detergent, bleach, freshening sheets, and all the paraphernalia I needed to do my wash.
“What!? Are you still using all that expensive detergent and stuff to do your wash?” she asked me.
I was a little perplexed. “Sure. Don’t you? How else am I supposed to get my laundry clean? I can’t send everything out to the dry cleaner, it would cost a fortune!”
“No, I don't mean you should send it out. I’m talking about LAUNDRY MASHER.”
“You don’t need to buy all that stuff to do your laundry. You can get it all cleaner than ever, it’s fantastic!”
LAUNDRY MASHER?” I said. “What’s that?”
She told me that a bunch of engineers from the factory went to a well-known technical conference, and they saw the LAUNDRY MASHER demonstrated. They had all been blown away.
Nobody Believed That Clothes Could Actually Be Cleaned Without Using a Detergent. Now Everybody Is a Believer!
LAUNDRY MASHER is a precision-made washing sphere that you throw into your washing machine instead of using detergent.
It does not contain any dangerous chemicals that can harm your family or wreck your clothes.
LAUNDRY MASHER is a sphere that contains specially-made Nano Silver Infused Ceramic Beads that react with the water to DEEP CLEAN clothes fast!
So I decided to order it online to try it out. I couldn't believe the results. All of our clothing turned out wonderfully. No more scooping out powders or pouring messy soap from bulky containers.
And the anti-bacterial beads contained inside the LAUNDRY MASHER left everything smelling fresh and clean. I loved the scent, and my hubby didn't complain once.
As for my daughter's skin sensitivities? We had no problems whatsoever.
The LAUNDRY MASHER was incredibly easy to use and gave us great results.
You Can Save a Fortune!
LAUNDRY MASHER is reusable 200 times or more.
Nano silver infused ceramic beads mash away dirt and bacteria
Does not leave chemical residue that irriates skin
Safe for people with allergies
Save a fortune on buying detergent
Eco-friendly; no chemicals into your septic tank or sewer
Saves energy; does not need crazy-hot water
Works with any style of washing machine
Using Laundry Masher is a No-Brainer!
All you have to do is throw a LAUNDRY MASHER into your washing machine and let it run its regular cycle.
That’s it!
The LAUNDRY MASHER lasts for up to 200 loads of laundry. You can reuse it immediately.
Even better, you can buy several LAUNDRY MASHERS and keep them on hand.
You potentially save dozens and dozens of trips to the supermarket to refill expensive detergent, and it will help you practice “social distancing” too, by saving you so many trips!
Order only from the official website. Inferior copies exist but don’t clean or disinfect your clothes like the original.
100% satisfaction guarantee – you can prove it to yourself how wonderful it works!
Test on your own clothes and become a believer!

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